Jetbrains is creating a C# IDE - Project Rider announced!

You might know Jetbrains for their many editors. Php storm, pycharm, rubymine, Intellij Idea, or Clion. But something that all .Net developers know Jetbrains for, is their Resharper plugin for Visual Studio. For years Resharper has been giving developers extra intelliSense and great code suggestions. Jetbrains also created dot trace, dot peek and dot cover as extensions. With all these different IDE's and all these .net plugins it was hard to believe that they had not yet created a C# development environment yet. Developers have been anticipating a new IDE for years now.

We no longer have to wait. It seems that we will be getting a C# IDE developed on the IntelliJ platform. It is currently under the name of "project Rider" - which they seem to have stuck with (late 2018 edit). Most .Net developers are currently using Microsoft's Visual Studio environment for creating .Net applications. Some developers (including me) have been using this for years.

So what will be different between Project Rider and Visual Studio?

First of all Project Rider will have cross platform support. All IDE's developed by Jetbrains work on all common operating systems. Microsoft also released a cross platform IDE named "Visual Studio Code" not so long ago. But it is not as fully featured as Visual Studio.

Except from natively supporting multiple platforms, the new IDE is also mentioned to have "Resharper technology". Whether this is a fully integrated Resharper we do not know yet.

The IDE should be a standalone. If you are familiar with Jetbrains other IDE's you will recognize the features: Go To Type, Go To File, Find Usage and many more! Of course it also comes with the beloved alt + enter function.

It will be interesting to follow the development of Project Rider.