Using Steghide to embed information into images

I recently got an assignment during a course on my Masters program, the assignment was to embed an image with a message. For this task I ended up using StegHide and the image on the frontpage of my blog.

The original image was as follows:
Original Image

Using the following commands I was able to embed a secret message into the image using the password 1234. A good practice is to create a copy of the original image, as the message will be embedded into the image (not create a new one). For this to work you need the text you want to embed in a file (in the example TheHiddenMessage.txt).

G:\temp\steghide\steghide.exe embed -cf RandersJPG.jpg -ef TheHiddenMessage.txt

The image below is the result, yes you cannot tell the difference between the two.

![Image embedded with a hidden message](/content/images/2017/02/RandersJPG-1.JPG)
But running the command below will reveal a hidden *message* which was imprinted into the image. This is very simple and straightforward.
G:\temp\steghide\steghide.exe extract -sf RandersJpg.jpg

This should reveal the text "You found the secret!". I hope this helped you, let me know in the comments if it did :)