C# - Set a friendly / readable ConnectionName for RabbitMQ connection

I recently looked into this. I did a lot of googling before finding the simplest solution ever. using your ConnectionFactory(or IConnectionFactory) you invoke the method CreateConnection in order to create a connection. This method takes a clientProvidedName, this is the method and parameter you want to use. Reading comments around the internet this feature seems to have been added in RabbitMQ 3.6+. An example can be seen below:

ConnectionFactory factory = new ConnectionFactory();
factory.ClientProvidedName = "SomeConnectionName"

The clientProvidedName is not unique and should not be used as a key or identification of any sort. It is simply a human friendly name for a connection. There is more information in the RabbitMQ documentation of ConnectionFactory.

At first I tried setting the name using ClientProperties (property named connection_name). But the RabbitMQ client reassigns this behind the scenes using the clientProvidedName key in the ClientProperties (At least it did in the version I used).

The client for Java seems to have similar features.

I hope this helps someone, let me know in the comments if it did :)