Great books on how to learn or get into ASP .NET core (2018 and 2019)

I recently decided to give .NET core a try. Because of this I started scouting the web for good resources on .NET core. I am mostly into books as these are more comprehensive. My list will most likely show that I have a focus on web development. .NET core has been around for over a year now and it seems like it will stick around for quite some time.


Author: Adam Freeman

It seems that this is, the must have book on ASP.NET core. It goes through all you need to know in order to create lean applications for cloud and mobile. It starts simple and gets you coding straight away. It also gets into the advanced features - which you may skip to if you already know the basics. This is the sixth edition of the book.

ASP.NET Core Application Development

Authors: James Chambers, David Paquette and Simon Timms

This book goes through the whole development process for ASP.NET core. When you finish the book you can have something deployed on the web! In 4 sprints it takes you through MVC, Docker, Azure, Visual Studio, C#, Javascript and Entity Framework. This is a great beginners book if you do not know where to start. But note that this book is using very specific technologies. It may not be too easy to follow if you wish to stray from the examples.

Learning ASP.NET Core 2.0

Authors: Jason De Oliveira and Michel Bruchet

Compared to the other two books this is the newest on the block. Like the previously mentioned books this also takes you through MVC, hosting, monitoring, Entity Framework and so on. This book has some great discussions on ASP.NET core and makes the reader feel as if he or she is part of this.

The Little ASP.NET Core Book

Author: Nate Barbettini

Compared to the other books, this one is FREE. It can be found on github or with a direct download here. This book is praised for being short, easy to read and covers the basics. It is a great book if you just want an understanding of what ASP.NET core is, but you do not wish to make a smaller investment to get this.

That was my list!

That was my list, do you think anything should be added?