Alexa/Lambda - shouldEndSession does not work even when set to false

Lately I have been playing around with Alexa trying to set up some simple conversations. One of the problems I had was that Alexa kept on closing down my session. Which resulted in my Alexa skill starting and then shutting down again after Alexa had spoken - she was not waiting for my reply. I could see in the JSON reply that shouldEndSession even was true! fyi - my examples are in nodejs.

How I solved it

I quickly realised that I had to set the variable shouldEndSession to false. According to the docs this could be done in the following way in my handler:

this.response.shouldEndSession = false;

However the above did nothing for me. I googled a lot and found people saying that I should also add a this.response.listen(); line to my code. This did the trick. Below you can see the full code that I have used in nodejs:

'PlayIntent': function () {

    this.response.reprompt = {
        outputSpeech: reprompt
    this.response.shouldEndSession = false;

I hope this helps someone out there, let me know in the comments if it did :)

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