Visual Studio 2022 will be in preview this summer!

Most developers I meet use Visual Studio for making .Net applications and in November this year Visual Studio will have a new release. For over two years Visual Studio 2019 has been the newest release so it is about time we got a new version.

Visual Studio 2022 will enter preview this summer and Microsoft is not more precise than that for now.

So what can we expect?

The biggest news seems to be that Visual Studio is now a 64-bit application:

  • First 64-bit version of Visual Studio. This means you can open even the biggest solutions without running out of memory
  • Faster and more smooth, this seems to be a point they make with every release. Personally, I have experienced Visual Studio can be slow, especially with the Resharper plugin. My hope is that this is truly a performance boost.
  • .Net 6 support out of the box.
  • Hot reload, it should be possible to make code changes while you debug and continue debugging with the changes reflected.
  • Improved search, it should be possible to search outside of the current solution.
  • New C++ productivity features and tooling
  • .NET MAUI (Multi-Platform App UI) and ASP.NET Blazor support.
  • If you make Visual Studio extensions your extensions will have to be changed to support the 64-bit editor

That is it

This was my quick look at the new Visual Studio 2022, I am looking forward to the preview. If you liked this short list of features please leave a comment down below!