Rider - Error, Package <package> is not compatible with netcoreapp5.0

I recently updated a project from .Net core 3.1 to .Net 5. When I tried to upgrade a nuget package I got the following error:

Install failed (project: , package: Package restore failed. Rolling back package changes for ''. Package is not compatible with netcoreapp5.0 (.NETCoreApp,Version=v5.0). Package supports: net50 (.NETFramework,Version=v5.0)

I had installed .Net5 on my machine, the project was .Net5 and the nuget package supported .Net5. What I had forgotten was to update Rider. Rider gets .Net5 support from version 2020.3. So if you have this error, go to Help -> Check for Updates and see what version you are on and upgrade.

That is all I did to make this work, I hope this helps someone else out there, let me know in the comments if it did!