Fonts and CSS - Reducing the amount of icons in your font files

I have been hunting performance on my blog once again. I recently reduced the size of my fonts from around 65kb to 5kb without breaking the icons on my blog or having to do any major changes. I had all of the font awesome icons included on my blog but I only used around 20. I went to and selected the icons that I used from font awesome. On the site it is easy to search for the icons and I just used the css class from my HTML to search and pick the right ones.

After having found all the needed icons you can download them as a .zip file containing all the common font formats: .EOT, .SVG, .TTF, .WOFF and .WOFF2. It also comes with the css to use, but I already had the necessary CSS so all I had to do was to switch out my old font files with the new ones from Fontello. After this change my Google pagespeed went slightly up.

I first tried to use Icomoon but they require a premium membership in order to download .woff2, so I went with fontello instead.

I hope this helps someone out there!