An ezoic experiment (a switch from adsense)

For the last couple of years I have had sidebars on my blog with adsense ads. It has mainly been an experiment as I had never tried that before and wanted to see how it was to set up ads and - let us be honest - to see if I could make any money on it. I never really made much with adsense, it covered the costs of running the blog at about ~10$ a month. It was so low that I did not even bother with getting paid and so far it has just accumulated in my adsense account.

With Adsense

I tried to enable all features in adsense with auto ads and everything and tried to crank it all up to max for a month. That gave me the result of ~38$ dollars on ~18.000 unique visits. That is still not a lot, but remember I do not try to keep users on my site, my site is a simple site to get answers to questions or problems in programming you might have. You visit my site, get the answer and you are on your way again. But with auto ads, vignette ads and everything maxed out the result was ~38$.

For reference, I have 25% traffic from the US, 12% from India and England, Germany, and France are about 15% together. The rest is spread across the world. This has not changed with Ezoic.

With one whole month (September) using Ezoic

With Ezoic I have an EPMV around 4.8$, EPMV is Earnings per 1.000 visitors. In the last month I had ~22.000 visitors and made 107$. That is over double what I made with Adsense with everything maxed out. With Ezoic I have not enabled video ads or vignette ads, and I have about 10 placeholders on my pages. I have not enabled AI optimised ads (similar to auto ads), and I have no ads in the text of my post - only above and below and in the sidebars. This is to say it is not a direct comparison as there are some differences in the two setups. Whether it is a fair comparison I cannot comment, but I do not think you can ever make a 1:1 comparison when making a switch like this.

Just like with adsense I have not cashed out on any of this, so I cannot report anything on the payment flow but I will once I decide to try that.

One thing I have noticed is that Ezoic adds a lot of stuff to your site and it gets slowed down. My pages have gone from being 20kb in size to almost 500kb. It does not seem to hurt traffic from Google, but Ezoic's way of integrating is much more intrusive than that of adsense.

That is all

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any questions about my switch to Ezoic let me know in the comments down below.

I will update this in 3 months time to see if the EPMV goes up further or any other changes.