Ezoic - Eligible for next level from Access now but not granted

I recently hit the mark for getting access to level 1 of Ezoic (10.000 visits and 50$ made in a month). I started out in Access now and after a month I have now been promoted to level 1. If your level page look like the following, you are ready for level 1:


The promotion is not immediate, you will have to wait until the 10th before you are promoted:


This is not all true as I was promoted on the 9th of October, but nonetheless you should not expect to get promoted on the 1st of the month. You do not get promoted silently, once you have been granted level 1 you will see a pop up with confetti and congratulations on the new level! You should not miss it, until then the level page will stay as in the first picture.

I hope this helps someone out there :)