Ezoic - A quick look at NicheIQ

Ezoic has launched a new SEO tool called NicheIQ. This is a tool for optimising SEO on your site through: tag testing, site health and topic suggestions. The feature I have been most interested in from NicheIQ is the topic suggestions, as it is sometimes hard to figure out what to write about and even more important how that will rank once published.

I have started to use NicheIQ recently with a bit of mixed results, even though it has been a great inspiration. Below is the first page of results when I look at topic suggestions from NicheIQ:

Ezoic Niche IQ suggestions for peterdaugaardrasmussen.com

As you can see in the above, there is not a lot that relates to software development, but there is some! "flexbox css", "index in java" and perhaps "latex fontsize" could be topics for my blog. Even though I believe I only have one or two posts on LaTeX it still shows up. As you can see there are some relevant topics but not everything it comes up with makes sense to create a blog post about. It did come up with a keyword of "sql format date MM-dd/yyyy" where I made the post MSSQL - SELECT Date in a specific format (yyyy-MM-dd, MM/dd/yy, MM-dd/yyyy etc.) just to try it out. But I do have doubts about who uses the date format "MM-dd/yyyy", for now the post is not getting a lot of views but it was worth a try! My conclusion is that you should not write posts about everything it suggests, but be more picky.

What is really great about the topic suggestions is how they are ordered. By default they are ordered by "potential", which is based on "Search Volume" and "Keyword difficulty". This creates a great mix of keywords that should be easy to rank on and that has a substantial amount of people searching for them. You can of course sort and filter the data any way you like, if you want to try your luck with some key words you will have a harder time to rank for. So far I have found that the "potential" is a fine way to sort them and then look at the first 3-5 pages. For the past 5 weeks I have checked in on NicheIQ Monday evening (CET) to see what new suggestions it has generated.

I think the tool is great for inspiration even though it makes some weird suggestions sometimes that may not fit your blog.

That is all

Please leave a comment down below with what you think about NicheIQ, I am enjoying it so far. If you know another great tool that is also free, please let me know, I would love to compare them!

I will likely check out the NicheIQ tag tester soon as well.