Javascript - How to use "for" statement for iterating over properties of objects

In Javascript you can iterate over the properties of an object using a for in loop. If we have the following javascript object with two string properties name and lastname:

let obj = {
    name: 'Peter',
    lastname: 'Rasmussen'

We can iterate over each property and get its value using a for in loop:

for (let prop in obj){
   console.log(prop, obj[prop]); 

In the above prop is the property name (name, lastname) of the object and since javascript objects can be accessed like dictionaries we can access the value of the property (Peter, Rasmussen) using obj[prop]. Essentially calling obj['name'] and obj['lastname'] which is the equivelant as and obj.lastname The above will print name Peter and lastname Rasmussen.

That is all!

I hope you found this helpful, please leave a comment down below if I forgot something!