MTG - How to tell the difference between revised and unlimited

In a recent video I show how you can tell the difference between revised and unlimited edition cards in Magic The Gathering:

Here is a small recap of how to identify if a card is unlimited or revised.

For it to be unlimited the following have to be true:

  • White border
  • No year in lower left corner
  • No set symbol
  • Beveled inner border

The difference between revised and unlimited is easiest to see on the border. There are other differences on the fonts and colors, but these are harder to spot. If you cannot see that the card beveled it is most likely revised, but what is this beveled border? Here is an image of it:

unlimited vs revised beveled border.jpg

In the above the bottom card is unlimited and the top card is revised. You can see how the line between the white border and the green background is just a black line for the revised card. On the unlimited card it is beveled, which gives a 3d impression that the green background is raised.

That is all there is to it! As always feel free to leave a comment down below!