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This is site was previously located on json2xml.com. However in an effort to consolidate my websites it was moved here. There are still many people using this converter, so I have spent some time migrating it.

This is a free online converter. You do not have download any tools to do the transformation. The only requirement is a moderate modern browser (internet explorer 10+ for example). Recently a copy to clipboard function has been added. This way you will not have to select everything in the boxes yourself. Also a prettify button has been added for xml. One for json will arrive in the future.

This page uses the x2js library from google to convert from xml to json and vice versa. This means that your xml or json never reaches the server, but is processed on the client (your browser and pc). If you have any feedback for me regarding this website please reach out to me.

Looking for code snippets?

If you accidently ended up on this page, not looking for a converter but looking for code. Then here are some links to these resources:

C #

JSON and Xml are natively supported in c# (at least in newer versions)

Convert JSON string to XML or XML to JSON string - Question on stack overflow


There is no built in way to convert json to xml directly in Javascript. However there are external libraries for this.

x2js - a google product. This is used by this site.


There is no built in way to convert json to xml directly in Java. However there are several libraries for this:

json.org - a site with multiple converts for json.