A little side project - Json2Xml.com - part1

UPDATE: The website has been moved to my blog.

A few months ago I created a small website for transforming json to xml named Json2Xml.com.

At it's beginning no one found the site. But slowly it seems to be catching up on google. It seems to be getting 2 visits per day right now. Which isn't very impressive, but it is okay for a site with few (no?) links to it. It had mostly 0 visits in the first month where I released it.

Why did I create another json to xml converter? There are already thousands of them online! well, I wanted to give seo a try. A site where I control everything. It is mostly just a hobby project for me to see if I can climb the ranking ladder. It has been out there for 3 months now with very few updates. As of now it does not really look good with the ranking:

These data are from my webmasters tools on google. Which shows keywords that users search for and my site's ranking (to the right). I would like to compare it with this blog. But since it is only 1 month old, there is not much to compare against.

My best keyword is "json2xml". Which is natural because that is the name of the site. What is odd, is its placement at 9,4. Which is very low for the site's name. The top 4 on the list are very alike. They are all variations of the site's name. I believe these keywords will arise with the reputation of the site. The more links my site will have the higher it will rank when directly searched on.

The search words I would like to improve on are the following keywords: "convert json to xml". Where the "convert" keyword can be both "convert" and "converter". Currently my site is on page 5 with these keywords. So it will be very rare for anyone to find it. My goal would of course be to be number one, even though that is mostly impossible. Some sites have been around for ages with great links to them. So for now I would be happy with just page 2.

This post is just a "status post" on where the site is now. I will make an update on progress on the ranking in the following weeks and months.