Google auto ads are not always working as they should..

I have recently added google auto ads to my site. I figured it could ease some of the work for us bloggers. Auto ads has just come out of beta testing and was well anticipated. However so far I have not had much luck with most of the auto ad types. They are simply not working as I would expect. Auto ads seem to pop up in the middle of my content messing up my pages or being halfway out of the screen.

You may not notice it in the following image. But the ad is halfway off the screen and you cannot read all the text (The add is in Danish but the text is not relevant):

Google auto ad error

The above is not me cutting off the ad, that is just how it appeared. Clicking the arrow does work but I cannot read the last line of the ad as it is below the view port.

There also seem to be errors with "text and display" ads which should fit naturally within my content. However the below image is from my front page:

Another Google auto ad error

As it can be seen the ad is shown right on top of my tags for that post. Pushing them a little down but mostly just hiding them. So far I have not seen any Vignette ads on my blog. I will update this post when I see one. But somehow I am not looking too much forward to it. For now I have disabled the above types of ads.

Have you had any problems with google auto ads? Let me know in the comments!

ps. The ads in this post are NOT auto ads :)