Visual Studio - How to set the default path for Git repositories

I recently had to reinstall Visual Studio. Every time I do this I miss some settings and something is not right. This time my repositories were not stored where I wanted them to be. So I thought I would share how to change the default path for this.

How to set default path for repositories

Go to your "team explorer" tab - often placed in the right side of Visual Studio next to "solution explorer". Here you will find a menu (just below the green plug) where you can select "settings" as seen here:

Visual Studio Git - Settings

You then get the option to select "Global settings" as seen below:

Visual Studio Git - GlobalSettings

You will then see the option to change your "Default repository location". Change it and hit the "update" button. That's it!

Visual Studio Git - Default Repository Location

In short

  • Go to team explorer
  • Select "settings" in the menu (just below the green plug)
  • Select "global settings"
  • Change your "Default repository location"
  • Hit the "update" button.

I hope this helps someone out there, let me know in the comments if it did :)