I now have a 100 visitors every day (average on a week)

My blog now has over 100 visitors per day. This is quite a milestone when you start from 0 and build your way up. My blog is nothing serious but more of a side project. However it's been great for giving me some better insights on SEO, on a much smaller scale than I am used to.

To celebrate having reached this I will share some of my numbers from google analytics. Below you can see the number of pageviews I have per day (which around a 1000 on weekly basis):


During the summer break I wrote a couple of new posts, however during this time I get less visitors (people are on vacation). So it was only after that my numbers started peaking.

My blog is on programming and software development. Looking at the browsers that my readers use this can easily be seen (for the past 3 months):


We are at 81,6% for users using chrome! 9% Firefox and 2,6% Edge and 2,5% Internet explorer. I have seen data from google analytics on a lot of sites over the years - but I have never seen this high number of Google chrome usage. Even though that is usually the most used browser. What I think is even more interesting is that I only have 2,2% users using safari. My blog has a lot of web development articles, so I was thinking this would be higher.

It is also obvious that my target group consists of programmers and developer when you look at the number of desktop users:


I almost have no traffic from tablets or phones. 98,4% of my traffic is from users using a desktop.

The title might be misleading. I have had 100 users per day on average for quite a while. However I wanted to make sure I kept up the average. As you could see in the first image there is a small dip. I have seen this every time my page ranking has climbed - it always makes a small retracement afterwards. Over the last year or two I have learned a lot about blogging - which has helped accelerate the number of visitors I get. I have written some of my tips down in this post.

My next goal is 10.000 unique visitors per month. Last month was 3564. So almost 3 times as many to go. As this is a part time / spare time thing I never set a date on these goals. But I will get there :)