How to fix "Alternative page with proper canonical tag" exclusions in Google Search console

In Google search console you may find that some of your pages has been excluded with the status "Alternative page with proper canonical tag". Overall this means that a page points to another page which has itself as the canonical tag (proper canonical tag). Meaning the excluded page is not the canonical page and Google will index the canonical page instead, hence this one is excluded. If the pages that are listed are not supposed to be the canonical ones everything is likely fine.

AMP pages

You will see the "Alternative page with proper canonical tag" satus for AMP pages (Accelerated Mobile Pages). For AMP pages it is okay for them to be excluded in the search console as your non-amp page will likely be the canonical one.

Such as this page which can be found at:

and it's AMP equivelant can be found at:

However the canonical tag on both pages point to the non-amp page, with a link element with a rel="amphtml" tag pointing to the AMP page. This means that the amp page should be excluded as it it not pointed to in the canonical tag.

So if your issues are with amp pages you likely need to do no more, but you will have to accept the exclusions in the search console.

Non-amp pages

Some pages are linked to with parameters or for some other reason point to a different page in their canonical tag. For example:

Even though there is a parameter on this page, the canonical tag still points to:

In short if the page contains a parameter, check that it matches the canonical tag! This also applies to pages on paths pointing to another URL in their canonical tag - which is the common scenario that triggers this status.

That is it

I hope you found this page useful if so or if not, please let me know in the comments down below!