Ezoic - Does Ghost blog work with Ezoic?

When searching for "Ezoic" together with Ghost blog pro there were close to no results out there. I was wondering what others had experienced using Ghost blog together with Ezoic. Most bloggers seem to be using Wordpress and you can really see it from the amount of guides on wordpress out there.

Giving it a try

Since I wanted to try Ezoic for their monetization I decided to try this on my own. I signed up and gave them a token to my cloudflare setup so that they could add the nameservers they needed for my DNS. Shortly after I was good to go and had access to the Ezoic UI with all of its features:


At no point in time was my site down, it had no drop in traffic as uptime robot would have let me know. The transition was smooth and without any issues at all. I took before and after pictures of all my configurations so that if something went wrong I could easily roll back. Yes, I do not trust anyone taking over my cloudflare setup, but that mistrust seems to have been misplaced. I had two issues switching to Ezoic.

Ads.txt stopped working

The only issue that I had was that my ads.txt file stopped working shortly after, it seemed to just return an empty document. My ads.txt file was set up on my Ghost blog as a static file and I believe after the switch this was no longer served. I had to setup an account on adstxtmanager.com and after a short while, my ads.txt file started working again.

Custom domain stopped working.

Ezoic works as a proxy between the user and your own site. I had my Ghost blog pro set up as a custom domain, this requires you to have a CNAME record to point to our ghost blog (xyz.ghost.io). At one point my custom domain was no longer working, I had to flip the DNS back to point to Ghost, then reactivate the custom domain and switch the DNS to Ezoic again.

This issue seems to appear every week or so. I have Ezoic looking into the issue. I think an alternative to this is to not use a custom Ghost domain. If you are self-hosted you can likely just point Ezoic to an IP address rather than a subdomain on Ghost.io and you will probably not encounter this issue.

That is it

If you are also using Ghost blog and has migrated to Ezoic, please leave a comment down below with your experience using Ezoic and the integration process. For me it has worked great so far.

NOTE: I am on Ghost(pro), not self-hosted.