Ezoic - Drop in traffic from Bing a month after joining

Let me be absolutely clear, this could be entirely a Bing issue and it could have nothing to do with Ezoic. But I wanted to write to see if anyone else has seen the same issue (please write below if you have!). I have found only one person mentioning Bing traffic drop after joining Ezoic. I should note that since joining Ezoic my Google traffic has only gone up and it more than makes up for the Bing loss.

When looking at my traffic from Bing it has been somewhat steady throughout the year up until September the 13th:


I joined Ezoic on the 9th of August and after the 13th of September the number of Indexed pages on my blog from Bing has slowly dropped day by day:


It peaked at 463 pages and it is now at 182 pages. I am losing between 2 and 5 pages every day. I have contacted Bing support but so far they have not been very helpful. All their replies start with "I have completed my investigation", then what seems to be a canned answer. For example, it will take 3-4 weeks to crawl a newly added site, but my site has been on bing for years and has never had any issues with Bing. I have also been told that there are no technical issues with my site and that the above drop is completely normal and due to "fluctuations"...

When I inspect an excluded page in Bing Webmaster tools I see the error "The inspected URL is known to Bing but has some issues which are preventing indexation. We recommend you follow Bing Webmaster Guidelines to increase your chances of indexation."

I have contacted Ezoic and they will check if there is a pattern.

Drops in search traffic are often hard to track down, I have made no changes to my site other than adding Ezoic and the work that comes with that.

That is all

Normally at the end of my posts I write that I hope you found this helpful. Actually I hope you never find this page and that you are without this issue or without a similar one. But if you happen to drop by anyway, please leave a comment down below if you are facing similar issues!