I have disabled AMP on my blog!

As part of simplifying my site I have decided to disable AMP pages. Ghost blog makes it easy to create AMP pages using an integration and thereby also disabling them.

There are a couple of reasons why I have decided to try this, one of them is all the confusion for SEO tools like Google search console:


As you can see in the above Google search console shows I have 366 "Alternative page with proper canonical tag" pages. They are right and this is all due to AMP.

Another reason is that I need to keep two different versions of my site up to date. In truth I have never really done much with the AMP pages, I have hardly touched the HTML or the structure of it. I have no clue what most of my pages look like there!

Searching around the web it seems that many have decided to do the same. Previously there seemed to be SEO reasons to have AMP, but reading through articles it seems this is no longer the case. I have maybe a 100 AMP visits a month, so it is no big loss for me! These will now redirect to the non-amp page.

Let me know in the comments if I am making a huge mistake :)