My top 5 blog posts of 2022

Just like last year I will make the top 5 blog posts list of the past year - the year 2022! This time I will divide it into two, one list for the top 5 blog posts that I wrote any time and another for blog posts that I wrote in 2022, the previous years of Top 5's have only been for all time. The reason for this change is to give the posts written in 2022 a better chance, even though the ones written earlier in 2022 will naturally have more views. In 2022 I have written over 100 blog posts which is double of what I normally do, let us see if any of them outperformed the previous years!

Top 5 blog posts in 2022

From the above we can see that a lot of my old posts have rotated out. I will have to look into those in the coming weeks to see if they can be updated. But it is also great that my content keeps on ranking, even when it is years old. It is great to see a 2022 post in second place!

Top 5 blog posts in 2022 that were written in 2022

A lot of posts this year were on C# and they rank well on my site. I never chose a niche for my site other than a broad niche of "Software and whatever I want to write about".

If I look at December 2022 only, within the top 10 pages on my site I have six posts from 2022, so they are starting to rank better - they just have not had the same amount of time to rank as the ones written in previous years!

That is all

I hope you enjoy these recaps, I certainly enjoy writing them and I learn a lot about how my site is performing! Next post will be a SEO recap of 2022, stay tuned :)

Happy new year!