Getting Conquest: Frontier Wars to work on Windows 11

If you are like me and know about the epic 2001 game Conquest Frontier wars you may have run into some issues when starting this game. On most forums you will see the tip about changing RendSft to Rend0:

IRenderPipeline = Rend0 //Change from RendSft to Rend0

This will work for most, however in order to get this game running I had to do one more thing: **I had to turn off one of my screens!**. Basically I just unplugged it, without it I would only hear the sound of the menu but not be able to see anything. Maybe there is a smarter way to get around this, but truth to be told, this is what I did to make it work.

I hope this helps someone out there to once again hear the "Woo ooh ooh they hit the reactor core!" when losing a terran dreadnought. Please leave a comment down below if it helped or if you had to do something else!