Blog post number 400!

Usually I would preach quality over quantity, but you always need some quantity! This is post number 400 on my blog which I started late December 2015. The first three years I posted very little as I was working on my masters degree alongside a full time job and having small kids. Last year I did 100 new posts and this year I hope to hit 52 (I am at 36 now). I see back in Juli 2018 I wrote a post on having hit a 100 posts.

I just finished a series on Serilog and I have done series on other topics such as ASP.Net, Alexa, RabbitMq, Wiremock and many more! My blog has been growing every year and I hope to hit 50.000 unique visitors per month next year. Which is not too bad for my sporadic and sometimes unstructured writing :)

Thanks to everyone reading my blog! 500 is in the horizon.