My name is Peter Daugaard Rasmussen. I live in Denmark (EU) with my family. I am a software developer, programmer and by this site also a blogger. This blog is about software development, web development and everything that surrounds these topics, such as the everyday of programmers, continuous integration, dev ops, agile methods etc. My interests besides software development are investing, TCGs, Board games and whenever I can make it: running and working out.

This blog, opinions and content is my own. It does not represent my current or previous employers views.

Career and life

I have been into programming since I started my Academy Profession degree in computer science in 2009. Before that I was more into computer games than software development - but I was all in when it came to computers. My parents often say that "I got a computer when I was 12 and I went to my room, then they saw me again when I moved out at 19 years old".

I had to complete an internship as part of my AP degree. This I did at a company called Pragmasoft. After the internship I was asked by Pragmasoft if I would like to work for LEGO as a consultant. This I could not turn down, so I pushed getting my degree half a year to get some experience working at one of the strongest brands in the world. After getting my degree I returned to Pragmasoft and continued as a consultant at LEGO for five more years.

From 2016 to 2021 I worked at Danske Bank in the back office department. During my employment I migrated COBOL/PL1 modules to a new .Net Microservice platform based on .Net and MSSQL. I worked both with Forex and Securities settlement as business areas, which was highly rewarding due to my hobby in stocks and interest in finance - and yes, I did write some lines of COBOL!

Today I am employed at Grundfos where I am working as a Software Engineer.

My interests are quite broad:

  • General programming (C#, Javascript, Typescript, Java)
  • Software architecture (Microservices, Monoliths SOA)
  • Frontend development (CSS, HTML, UX)
  • Devops (IaC, Azure devops and other CI/CD tools, making horrible scripts..)
  • Databases and messaging (MSSQL, PostGreSQL, RabbitMQ, Kafka)

I do not work with all of the above every day, but over the past 15 years I have and I still work with most of the above over a period of a month.

As part of my professional career I have finished a part time education - Diploma of software development - which is equivalent to a professional bachelor degree. After my diploma I got a Master degree in IT with a specialisation in Software development from Århus Univesity. My master thesis was on the advantages and disadvantages of the architectural styles: monoliths and microservices. Both my diploma and masters degree I took part time while working full time (often more than full time) and during my masters degree I also got two little girls, which means I am a father of two. In 2020 I got married.

Contact information

Feel free to contact me on twitter, LinkedIn or email. I am impossible to catch by phone (as I usually do not pick up the phone if I do not know the number).

You can also contact me down below in the comment section.

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