Blog status and search performance of 2021

So another year has passed and I am writing a status for my blog once again this year. In 2021 I made about 50 posts throughout the year, making it a year with low activity compared to 2020 and 2019. This was as expected as I had a lot of other things going on in 2021: Getting a new job, getting married and all the usual business there is with having two kids. Oh and then there was the lockdowns :)

The 50 new posts I wrote in 2021 were in line with my goal to write about once a week and keep the blog afloat. I will try to up these numbers in 2022 with about two posts a week (at least a 100 posts in 2022). I hope this will get me to some higher visitor numbers in 2022 and 2023. I am not setting any goals on X amounts of visitors as it is really not up to me. Tomorrow Google might roll out a new search update and it can double or half the amount of visitors I get, as almost 82% of my traffic comes from organic search:


In 2021 I had 99.837 total visits (Organic + referral + social), meaning that I missed the 100.000 mark by just 163 visits! I also had 18.285 direct visits which some are likely referrals, so I will save hitting the 100.000 mark for next year. This also means I had an average amount of visitors per day of around 275. Already back in march I hit the 250 visitors in a week average. My best month - November 2021 - saw 10.878 visitors.

This year I tried to keep the blog stable by writing about once a week. Which can be seen in the amount of visits. It went up but it was also quite stable:


Remember that January starts low and December ends low. It seems that after Thanksgiving my traffic is lower than usual and does not pick up again before the new year. Which makes sense, it just starts earlier than I would expect.

If we look at the browsers used:


We see the same pattern every year. Chrome is the biggest, then Edge (used to be Internet explorer) and the others. Safari is very low for this blog which is likely due to me mostly writing about C# which historically was a windows thing, but less so now.

If we look at devices:


2.9% (1.016) of my visitors in 2021 used a mobile device to see my site and a total of 69 people decided to use a tablet. This is where my blog is different from most others, by a large amount my users are using desktops - around 97%.

That is my search update and status for 2021. I am excited to see what 2022 will bring, hopefully less pandemic and more being together! As always feel free to leave a comment down below :)

I also recently made a post about my top five posts of 2021 if you are interested to see that.