My top 5 blog posts of 2021

Last year I did a "top 5 blog posts of 2020" and I have decided to keep this tradition for this year as well. In 2021 I wrote about 50 new posts on the blog which is in line with my goal to write about once a week. I will try to up these numbers in 2022 with two posts a week (at least a 100 posts in 2022).

None of the posts that I made in 2021 made it to the top five or even top ten of 2021. This is in line with what I would expect as they have had less time to grow and be discovered. However a lot of posts from 2020 have made it to the top five 2021 list, which is great, this means that my blog is not just being kept alive by old content. Here is the list of my top five blog posts of 2021 (organic traffic + social + referral):

For reference I have about 400-600 visitors on average on the weekdays and around 150 in the weekends.

Just like last year, every post in the top five on my blog are on C#. It makes sense as it is what I mostly post about. However I am starting to see a lot of traffic and comments on my posts about Google sheets and stocks.

I hope you enjoy these updates on my blog, I am excited to see what will be my top five in 2022! Have a great day and as always, feel free to leave a comment down below.