I now have 500 daily visitors on my blog!

Ah, not every day of the week but as an average over a week. This is yet another milestone for my blog. I have had 629, 658, 636, 677, 562, 209 and 153 visitors respectively for each day last week. Totaling 3.524 visitors. Now these are numbers without direct traffic, I only count organic, referral and social hits on my site, as direct traffic includes a lot of bot traffic and what not.


In March of 2021 I made a post about having 250 visitors on a weekly average. This means that I have doubled the amount of visitors in just one year. I hope to reach 1.000 visitors before March 2023.

Thanks to everyone who has visited my blog and I am grateful for the comments you write on here!

If you want some stats of my blog for 2021 I published them here.